How it works:

You import fast and easy the meeting details from your Outlook and then you are ready to make a summary of your meeting.


You make notes in form of text, voting, or tasks with a responsible person(DRI).


When the meeting is finished EasySummary gathers the summary as a PDF and any files you have attached in a Outlook mail, so you easily send it to the attendees. Or place the PDF and all attached files on a shared drive.


Further you can send tasks to the attendees Outlook.

Why choose EasySummary:


  • Simple to use


  • Saves time


  • Provides structure


  • Quick distribution of your summaries


  • Taking advantage of the benefits of DRI (Directly Responsible Individual)


  • Streamlines your business


  • Helps to achieve business goals


  • Make your meeting minutes or summary of the meeting very easy

10 days free trial.

Download, install and see how easy it is to make a summary of a meeting.

What is EasySummary:

EasySummary is an App for your PC. It is a very effectively tool together with Microsoft Outlook for making summaries of meetings.



Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.

100MB of free Harddisk space.

Outlook 7 or later.



  • Download and unzip the file EasySummary.zip.


  • After unziping click the setup.exe file and the installation starts.


  • Accept the license terms and select the option 'Typical' installation.


  • After installing the application and finishing the registration you will have a free10 days trial.

Our studies, research and our experience shows:


There must be a written summary or minutes of a meeting.


We prefer a summary instead of a detailed minute by minute description of the meeting.


We think the summary should include this information:


  • Date, time, place and subject


  • Attendees


  • Important discussions


  • Tasks included the responsible person and deadline


  • Decisions from the meeting

Download and try EasySummary

You can download and test the application before buying.

Price one license one year:

Standard DKK 110,-

PRO DKK 220,-

Easy Summary

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